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Enseada Beach

Pousada Baía das Conchas is approximately 100 m away from Praia da Enseada.

Praia da Enseada is on the south side of Ubatuba, 1.5 km long, packed sand and very calm waters, a true natural pool. Due to its calm waters and being within a protected bay, this is the ideal beach for young children and the elderly who can enjoy the sea in complete safety. Furthermore, this beach doesn't have a "falling sea" and to reach the bottom you have to go a long way towards the ocean.

Given its geographical position, the sunset at Praia da Enseada is a spectacle in itself.

Praia da Enseada was the first tourist hub in Ubatuba, so it has a good infrastructure of inns and hotels as well as restaurants and kiosks. This is the best beach option to stay in Ubatuba.

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Santa Rita Beach

The famous staircase beach

Santa Rita Beach is approximately 500 meters from Pousada Baía das Conchas. This paradisiacal beach is "hidden" within a free-access subdivision, made up of luxurious summer homes.

Small in its extension, it has light sands that turn yellowish. Normally the sea is very calm, a beautiful "pool", ideal for children and families. Because it is located inside a bay, diving becomes quite safe as it is not in the open sea.

Due to its geography and its position in relation to Serra do Mar, this beach has one of the most beautiful sunsets in Ubatuba. Don't miss this experience, it's unmissable!

Prainha da Enseada

The magnificent and paradisiacal Prainha da Enseada is in the northern corner of Praia da Enseada, at the very end of the beach, on the left side of those looking at the sea.

Small in size and "decorated" by beautiful stones spread across its light sand, this little beach overlooks the entire long Praia da Enseada.

To get to Prainha you will need to follow an easy and short trail, it is just 240 m away. Along the way there is a view of the sea, allowing several stops for photographic clicks, one more beautiful than the other.



100 m from Enseada Beach

100 m from Maruí Market

500 m from Santa Rita Beach

700 m from Pai's Supermarket

3 km from Praia das Toninhas

 700 m from Farmaconde

5.3 km from Praia Grande

500 m Restaurante Picanha na Pedra

8.4 km from the Tamar Project

1.2 km Restaurant Pizzeria Varanda

8.9 km from Ubatuba Aquarium

650 m from Salmon Japanese Food

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